Address: 3515 Miskolc-Egyetemváros, Hungary

Tel.: 46/555-246, Fax: 46/555-247



NANOCENTER International Nanotechnology Center Ltd. was founded in 2005 with the aim of developing the activities on nanotechnology from research & development work to manufacturing through to sales in our country, within this in the North-Hungarian region, thereby contributing to the economic development of the Northern Hungarian region.

NANOCENTER headquarters are located in the area of the University of Miskolc, since it’s nanotechnology innovation development and research plans like to be realized in the Sciencecenter of the Northern Hungarian region, in collaboration with the University of Miskolc, according to the existing and developing intellectual capacity of the region, and in close contact with the nanotechnology laboratories of Bay Zoltán Foundation for Applied Research.

NANOCENTER Ltd. is a spin-off company that is focused on the applicability of nanotechnology, as one of the world's fastest growing high-tech research and development subject, and the domestic and international marketing of the results.

Main areas of activity of the nanotechnology-related innovation at NANOCENTER Ltd.:

  • nanotechnology Research and Development;
  • technological Research and Development;
  • technology transfer;
  • transferring business relationships at home and abroad;
  • innovation Management.