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New, more efficient, cheaper antimicrobial solution with silver nanoparticles for different plastic surfaces


The latest product of NANOCENTER Ltd. is a new antimicrobial spray containing nanosized silver particles specially developed for plastic surfaces, which is unique in Hungary.

Main features of the spray:

  • Efficient and long term protection against bacteria, fungi and viruses;
  • Cost-effective application;
  • Health-and environment-friendly.

Silver is the most efficient widely used antibiotics knows by mankind.

The small silver particles can easily penetrates through the cell membrane of the infectious microorganisms and paralyze the enzymes which are important in oxygen metabolism in single-celled bacteria, fungis and viruses. The penetration process of silver particles is very rapid, it quickly deactivates all kinds of pathogenic organisms so they do not have time to develop resistance against it.

Considering the fields of application, we developed an universally usable antiseptic spray for many plastic surfaces, since today a significant part of the contaminated areas are made of plastic, such as the furniture of hospitals and surgeries, toilet seats, interior of rental cars, dashboard, steering wheel, shopping cart handles, public transportation handrails, computer keyboards used by larger communities, keyboards of ATMs, cold stores, refrigerators, food packaging materials, hairdressing equipment, furniture of customer services, etc.. So the fields of application include every plastic surface, where antimicrobial and health friendly solutions are needed.

The nanosilver based sprayable sol has high antiseptic propertieswhich mean the daily utilization of the global market is in high demand.