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Development of new industrial production technology of nanosilver and nanocopper

The project is based on the fact that in the past decade medical and biological researches have proven the best antibacterial and fungicidal properties of nanosilver and nanocopper from the yet known materials. According to the researches till now, nanosilver is able to kill all known bacteria in few minutes, and fungicidal properties of nanocopper gains more and more ground in the field of medical and food industry applications. The mode of action and the cost-efficiency of these limits are significantly intensified by application of nanotechnology.

Direct consequence of these research results is that in this innovation we have to work out the industrial conditions of nanosilver and nanocopper production, during the costs of new production process should be competitive and technology could assure the stability of the colloid solution.

In the professional plan of the project we have planned the development of the prototype equipment for Bay Zoltán Foundation, but during cooperation we were led to the conclusion that prototype equipment developed by Silver Nano Technologies Inc. (SNTI) Korean research and development institute is more suitable to succeed our objectives. So we’ve worked on the project cooperated with Choong G. Row Phd. president and with his staff, certainly we continued to take Bay Zoltán Foundation into the research. We have purchased the know-how of SNTI, we have let plan the technical conditions of research and development, and we built up the research laboratory.

The production technology as the result of the development is capable for the manufacturing nanosilver and nanocopper in industrial quantity at a competitive price. For the realization of the developed new industrial production of nanosilver and nanocopper the ensurement of further significant financial resources are required.