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Development of a silver nanoparticle based antibacterial sprayable sol for plastic surfaces

The production of solutions and soles containing nanosize particles and exploitation of it’s special properties are a worldwide observed process. Microorganism are becoming resistant against organic disinfectants and there is also a growing demand for such products, which continue to restrain the spread of bacteria, viruses and fungi.

The industrial research based on research and development activity of the NANOCENTER Ltd. so the sprayable antibacterial sol has more antiseptic than the similar products in the world market, production cost is low, usable economically, health and environmental friendly, so it’s production is competitive. During development our main aspect was to ensuring maximal bactericidal, effect on various plastic surfaces. Not only components but spraying parameters was optimized to achieve this goal. Due to special additives the sol shows excellent adhesion properties, thus minimal amount of it ensure a large surface coverage. The sol remain stable in extreme environment therefore storing of it is cheap and simple. Industrial production and bottling can be automated easily.

The results correspond to the main contract requirements and objectives. Compared to the original contract was not a major technical changes.

The result of the project meets the expectations. 168 hours after spraying the sol still has appriximetly 100% antibacterial effect. The project consists of four employees participated in the EuroNanoForum 2009 - Nanotechnology for Sustainable Economy European and International Forum on Nanotechnology conference in Prague, is having the most important experience that isn’t similar effect and in such economically produced products in the international market. This creates favourable market opportunities for us.